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Bill English

Bill English: Still no updates on intensely important issues? Something ain't right about facebook News Feed, Notifications, and Messages! In other words we're being censored to the hilt. Who sees what? If something is deemed too dangerous to this administration's agenda, only a small portion of your own CHOIR will see your updates and shares! Yesterday I noticed Jim Garrow's post had almost 100 'likes', I liked it too. In ONE second I went back to check the names behind the likes. THE NUMBER HAD DROPPED TO SIX LIKES. I told Jim about it. He said he had many thousands of followers, but facebook only shows a couple hundred! And I thought you were mysteriously ignoring this man, all along. At this moment in history, CENSORSHIP is very important to our enemy. Without it, they are TOAST! Think about that a minute. We need Zuckbaby made to pony up. This kind of criminal syndicate conspiracy is inexcusable.

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Gerald Purvis

Gerald Purvis: If any posts shows up on my Facebook News Feed that has vulgar or offensive language in them, I will unfriend the person who puts it on facebook regardless of who they are.

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Robin Blamires

Robin Blamires: Never mind "Game Of Thrones". I'm tempted to install an app on my web browser that blocks all mentions of "Caister" from my Facebook news feed.

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Rosiemedia LLC

Rosiemedia LLC: bitly | Page Not Found | 404     18 Ways to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Performance: http://buff.ly/N1Xz

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Veronica Rivera

Veronica Rivera: Good~ Morning Sweethearts" Happy Hump Day Erry One"

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Corey Tomlinson

Corey Tomlinson: Today's "omfg there's snow on the ground the world must be ending" report coming to you courtesy of this Facebook news feed...

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Instructional Design & eLearning Professionals' Group

Instructional Design & eLearning Professionals' Group: Why You Need an LMS     Why You Need an LMS: Why do you need a learning management system? Why not just let learners find what they need on their own? Take a second to consider just how much content is competing for your attention in your Facebook news feed… #LMS

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Kacey Lynn Lewis

Kacey Lynn Lewis: It's a good thing I've read my Facebook news feed, otherwise how would I have known it snowed?!

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Harwin Heuer

Harwin Heuer: Everyone's like getting married and getting babies and stuff....and I'm like just chilling here and reading this on my Facebook news feed.

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Michael Kyvelos

Michael Kyvelos: Now that I am up to date with Game of Thrones I can return to my Facebook News Feed without dodging any statuses from the most recent episode

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Shashank Saxena

Shashank Saxena: Congress supporters are missing from my Facebook news feed....kidhar ho bhaiya?? :P

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Kate Firth

Kate Firth: School place allocation day across the country......and my facebook news feed is busier than the day we got engaged, lol!!!

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Laur Dévan

Laur Dévan: I was just looking on my Facebook News Feed and I was wondering about an idea that some people have and on which I stumble upon. I noticed that more and more "cool" and "trendy" people want to be more original and less mainstream. In their attempts to do this they managed to look all the same. Honestly sometimes I think some people are twins because of their styles.
The same type of clothes, same hairstyle, same beard grooming, kind of a War of Clones (Star Wars reference) , but let’s not forget "not at all" mainstream. The idea of my post: Why shouldn't we all be cool just by dressing up whatever we feel like and with clothes that really make us comfortable and confident , without any failed attempts to avoid mainstreaming leading exactly to the creation of a mainstream anyway.

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Silvi Rahma II

Silvi Rahma II: New Facebook News Feed    

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Sam Mthethwarh Mukelo Warh

Sam Mthethwarh Mukelo Warh: ***My Facebook News Feed***

"My sheets smell of his colon, I miss him . "
"My girlfriend has a short themba "
" Don't talk to me if you didn't brush your
"some weaves are shaped like further
dusters "
" This is Facebook people. No strings are
touch.. "
"Khethiwe's lips look like she only speaks
in capital
"I miss being raped in my boyfriend's
'Pistorius's jacket must also be found guilty
of attempted leather"
" what wont kill you, will make u
tsonga""OMG he proposed last night,and I
wasn't even
prepaid for it...*
" his tall in complexion"
"This Food Is So Delicious Condolences To
The Chef"
"KZN province is boring, I wanna dislocate
Alicia kiss- the girl is inside the fire #on
Rihanna- shyai braai like a diamond
" I'm craving tea. Let me boil the cattle" #
we broke
I'm gonna eat tea like hlwi hlwi nge loaf
brown emhlophe

#Laughing out loud just killed me buried by Clientele Life#.:D.:D.:D

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Markos Hudson

Markos Hudson: Heavenly father am tired of reading R.I.Pz on Facebook. news on TV death is the headline,announcements on radio stations are all about death
Father pliz change the situation.take away the Angel of death from our country and other countries in the world en bring Angels of life,joy,love,peace,hope,faith,etc
whatever we have done please forgive us.
Strengthen families that have lost their dear ones.i pray for the sick,the needy,the poor,the enemies,,the rich,that make a way wea there is no way.perform a miracle in each ones life.let these remaining days, weeks,months,years be for testimonies,praises, IN JESUS NAME I HAVE PRAYED AMEN..

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Pro-SMM: How to Create Successful Facebook News Feed Ads |     How to Create Successful Facebook News Feed Ads | Social Media Examiner http://ow.ly/vQ1c9

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Sean Adam Westfall

Sean Adam Westfall: At lunch whoop .. Started to think I need to make little changes in my life . Start working out like a did back in the day.

Cutting ppl out of my life the ones that don't even knowledge my existence in till they needs some then or they are bored and I just happened to pop up on their Facebook News Feed ha! -_-

Fix my credit so I can get a HOUSE lol. .blah blah blah .. think I'll start all this really soon :)

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Brianna Rawrs Muffens

Brianna Rawrs Muffens: I mean who needs sleep when there's Facebook news feed too look Thu .__.

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Asiimwe Lilian

Asiimwe Lilian: Heavenly father am tired of reading R.I.Pz on Facebook. news on TV death is the headline,announcements on radio stations are all about death
Father pliz change the situation.take away the Angel of death from our country and other countries in the world en bring Angels of life,joy,love,peace,hope,faith,etc
whatever we have done please forgive us.
Strengthen families that have lost their dear ones.i pray for the sick,the needy,the poor,the enemies,,the rich,that make a way wea there is no way.perform a miracle in each ones life.let these remaining days, weeks,months,years be for testimonies,praises, IN JESUS NAME I HAVE PRAYED AMEN..

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Jackie Nickerson

Jackie Nickerson: What is the rhyme, and reason behind the order of my Facebook news feed?

I constantly have things not in order, posts from days ago, and it is so jumbled around! Not to mention, I cannot even operate FB from my phone without wanting to chuck it against a wall because it is constantly refreshing and making me lose my spot.

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Audrie Pelosi

Audrie Pelosi: Facebook News Feed: "Similar to Harry Potter: Twilight."
That's ignorant AND insulting.

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Dean Kurohi

Dean Kurohi: Literally everyone on my Facebook news feed is screaming in rage about the snow this is great.

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Heather Palmer

Heather Palmer: As I sit here reading my Facebook news feed I cannot help but to laugh. There's everything from people getting engaged to desperate people grasping onto barely anything just to say "oh look the guy I'm dating has been in my life for a whole month an I love him so much an he's the one" all I can say is lord help em! If you must post on Facebook how much you love them an everything they do for you an that they are good country men/women, every hour, I can say with 100% certainty that you either A) need your head examined or B) you are very insecure in your relationship an are trying to compensate for something. Real love is telling someone face to face and proving it, saying it on Facebook doesn't mean a thing. This is why the world is full of crap. End of rant! Stay classy y'all!

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Katie Skye Bowersox

Katie Skye Bowersox: Why do you act like you're a perfect mom on Facebook?
News flash, I've seen you with your child in real life.

-rant over-

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Thick Mike

Thick Mike: Hey, let's be honest for a moment here.... you are bored out of your mind, so rolling through the abyss that is the Facebook news feed... you should go ahead and put some shoes on and skeedattle down to 147 North on the Old Mall. Honestly don't worry about work or school so much because the music will be over by midnight. Oh and it is free! Get here. Seriously.

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Daiisy Pedals

Daiisy Pedals: I'm so tired of seeing these stupid fucking children on my Facebook news feed.

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Emilie Clare

Emilie Clare: Now that they've made it official Facebook news I can finally spill the beans too. One of my very best friends and her husband are expecting a wittle baby around Halloween!!! Hard to believe I've kept my mouth shut and my excitement contained for this long because I'm sooooo happy!!! I cannot wait to see the "mom" of our group of friends be a real MOM :) Congratulations Kate and Isaac!

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Sean Patrick Setters

Sean Patrick Setters: Amanda was scrolling through her Facebook News Feed and said, "Hey, did you know Char is donating some of their proceeds from today to help adult liter...um, litera-uh..."

The irony left me nearly rolling in the floor. Needless to say, we'll be going to Char tonight...

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Musselwhite Marketing

Musselwhite Marketing: How to Create Successful Facebook News Feed Ads |     How to Create Successful Facebook News Feed Ads


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Jennifer Sadovsky

Jennifer Sadovsky: My Facebook news feed needs a makeover. Getting rid of people that can only be negative on here. When it's all you see, it can turn your day into a bummer.

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Jennie Perez La Guerrera

Jennie Perez La Guerrera: Facebook news feed sucks, most of the time is a change for them, not what WE want! Then again we are only users who increase revenue to FaceBook.

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Juli Rhyne Ward

Juli Rhyne Ward: I am obviously a curious person. I can't help it. I read Facebook news' posts and sometimes read the comments when I am listening to someone drone on about stuff. I don't comment myself, but I can't help but sometimes click on the profiles of the crazy people that do respond. Has North America added a new language I am not privy to?

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Marianne Castaneda

Marianne Castaneda: I don't know why the videos posted won't play on my facebook news feed.

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Boyce and Hart (official)

Boyce and Hart (official): Boyce & Hart Film and Facebook News     Thanks again ... Click the link to my blog :-)

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Gregg Wandsneider

Gregg Wandsneider: Reading my Facebook news feed today reminds me that we are truly in pre-Easter week and all experiencing the same emotion that Jesus did when he said, "My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?" I have good news for you today friends! Even through carrying our own crosses make us feel abandoned by God and others, the resurrection truth reminds us that we are not abandoned. He is risen! The tomb is empty! Their is no condemnation. "The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone." Alelujah! Are you rejoicing in that truth today? Feel free to share with anyone you feel needs this pre-Easter encouragement!

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Roland G. Grondin

10152349931691310 Roland G. Grondin: Timeline Photos     Wonder why you're not seeing CHS posts in your Facebook news feed as often, or at all? Facebook is changing how it works. To see our posts, all you have to do is LIKE what we post, and Facebook will show you more of our posts, more often. Then LIKE those, and the cycle continues. Thanks for the LIKES! (And yes, this applies to all other pages and people whose posts you want to see in your own feed.)    

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Mealah Heidenreich

Mealah Heidenreich: My Facebook news feed is an endless stream of selfies. Hey Guys, you are beautiful, now go make some friends!

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Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson: Thinks it is very sad that this even has to be an issue HOWEVER.... if I see pornographic pictures or videos on my facebook news feed you will be reported and blocked. I don't care what you watch or do in your private life but the second it hits facebook you have crossed the line. It is highly offensive and shows very poor taste in my opinion to post something so disgusting on a public website.

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Cora Silverman

Cora Silverman: can i not scroll though Facebook news feed and see 2014 coachella pics of amazingggg to the next level fucking crazy times?! Mikey Flynn

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Kim Daniells

Kim Daniells: Yay!! We finally have internet again. Now time to catch up on all the Facebook news :). Guessing this will be the best part of my day :)

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Reginald Sadberry

Reginald Sadberry:     This is my Feel Good Story for Facebook News.     Pharrell Williams and I had a big surprise for the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences. If they weren't happy before, I know they're happy after this.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152396092902240

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Paul Collette

Paul Collette: 😃 Just got a message that this Saturday Drums Outlet will feature my drum kit on their Facebook news feed 😋 when you see it leave me some good comments and where you saw me play last 😆

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Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan: The Facebook news feed has become very similar to my gmail spam folder. Disappointing...

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Vhari Brown

Vhari Brown: this Facebook news feed is playing up big time get it fix Facebook grrr

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Michael L. Stevens

Michael L. Stevens: Login to Facebook. News Feed Flooded. Mimi this, Mimi that, shower curtains, rods, surf boards, home depot. Like Damn let me see what's really going on. Watched the video, And I'm still like what's really going on. Though I was about to see some Amazing sh*t. For real. That's ordinary sex.

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Thomas GreenEyez Johnson


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Rick D'Amico

Rick D'Amico:         Here is your Facebook news update for today, with some of our current top stories and your weather forecast!

For more on these and other stories visit http://myfoxphoenix.com
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=652660758115808

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Ashley Ivy Mercereau

Ashley Ivy Mercereau: My Facebook News Feeds have officially been taken over with Wedding Pictures, Engagement Photos, and Babies....Cool -- I'm getting super old

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