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Kristian Hampton

901243223254385 Kristian Hampton:         A young, terribly frightened dog in a California animal control facility has run out of time, and SHE APPARANTLY HAS NO ON WHO IS INTERESTED IN HER. As such, she is in grave danger.
On Monday, the National Dog News Examiner received an email request to help save the young dog's life:
We have a young 'pit bull' at Downey that we've had her kill date put off twice. She is very, very scared and has no interest at all.
Heather is just over a year of age - she should have years of life ahead of her, but if nobody knows that she is in need, she may simply slip through the cracks and be lost forever. Please take a moment to network Heather's information - she needs someone who can help her feel safe and offer her unconditional love.
· Petharbor link here
· HEATHER - ID#A4800769
· Los Angeles County Animal Control - Downey at (562) 940-6898
· Please contact the facility for all information - the National Dog News Examiner is NOT the contact
· Facebook thread unknown

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Wellbeing Energy

Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley: ICE TUESDAY MORNING     WEATHER GEEK REPORT--- Ice by Tuesday morning may impact morning commute. Freezing rain is expected to begin by 7AM with 1/10th of an inch of ice by noon. I would recommend that you leave for work early to avoid the ice.

Temperatures will warm during the day Tuesday into the middle to upper 40s. Rain could be heavy at times by Tuesday afternoon. The National Weather Service has issued a FLOOD WATCH because of the threat of flooding especially south and southeast of Columbus.

On Wednesday... the next storm system pulls up into the Ohio Valley. The storm track is still uncertain on this one...but could bring heavy snow to parts of the area. Right now the models have the heaviest snow potential south of Columbus towards the Ohio River. The models have not pinpointed the storm track yet...so we'll watch how this comes together.

SNOWCAST right now is a snapshot of 17 computer models. We have a big spread from the lowest model to the highest. The average is trending up.


Obviously... you can see why we'll need to track this one as the potential for a big snow. I'll be watching it all for you Tuesday on 10TV News and right here on Facebook.

Check in with Mike Davis Tuesday morning. Track the changing weather at 10tv.com/interactive    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153218355334416

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Subh e Pakistan

627200647413839 Subh e Pakistan:         Dr Aamir Liaquat on #SubhePakistan set Right now.. Watch Live on #GEO

For more alerts, updates, news, photos and videos, please follow Subh e Pakistan social media portals:
Updates: Facebook.com/SubhPakistan

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You have to see this woman! How many 71 year olds do you know that look this great and healthy? How many 50 year olds? I hate to say this, but how many 40 year olds these days? There are things we can do with our nutrition and exercise to turn back the hands of time, make you feel great and provide an exceptional quality of life and longevity. Don't wait until your sick and dying to make the changes.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Healingnaturallynow/609145835896239     mimi kirk 72 year old vegan.. showing little to no signs of aging
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/G6qi3gfIJRA

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Muhammad R Awil

Muhammad R Awil: LAPD Shoot and Kill Homeless Man , Anthony Blackburn Facebook Footage! HD     Police brutality; Homeless man shouted five times in Los Angeles

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Waverly Highway


420785494754310 AFP will RISE:         #AFPwillRISE

First Airbus Military C-295 aircraft arriving this month

The Department of National Defense confirms that the first brand-new twin-turboprop tactical military transport Airbus Military C-295 aircraft will be arriving this month. “Our first C-295 will be arriving this March,” DND Undersecretary for Finance, Modernization and Materiel Fernando Manalo told the government-run news agency.

In early report, first unit of three C-295 will be delivered August 2015 and the second one will arrive by March of 2016. While the third aircraft is expected in September 2016. With the first unit delivered earlier, it can be expected that remaining two aircraft will also be delivered ahead of schedule.

These aircraft will be utilized for movement of troops and cargo transport.

“The Airbus Military C295 is a new generation, very robust and reliable, highly versatile tactical airlifter able to carry up to nine tonnes of payload or up to 71 personnel,” the manufacturer said.

For more updates like us at: www.facebook.com/AFPwillRISE


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Neha Tneja

1559214664354181 Neha Tneja:         Like page for more news : facebook.com/harbagnews

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864370363623075 NMDOG:         NMDOG CUB is disappointed with the recent outcome of HB426, the proposed Bill that would have made trapping illegal in our state. He wants everyone to help keep this issue moving forward! His motto after all, is "Never give up!". CUB has asked us to share this important message from his friends at Trap Free New Mexico & he thanks them for all of their hard work

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Ava Aston

10153072378546069 Ava Aston:         Wisdom is doing what's right, not what's popular... #StandFirm

"When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan." Proverbs 29:2 (ESV)

#Faith #Christian #God #Jesus #Love #Peace #Bible #Integrity #Quote #StandUp #Evil #Scripture #Truth #Honor #News #Wisdom #Facebook #Hope #World #Unbroken #Inspiration #Netanyahu #picoftheday #photooftheday #WinstonChurchill #Isis #Congress Facebook NY Heaven Is For Real Jesus Daily Pinterest Unbroken Son Of God God's Not Dead Faith and Freedom Coalition Christian Coalition I'm a CHRISTIAN & I'm PROUD The 700 Club I Love Jesus Christ Bible Bible Gateway The Bible Series Billy Graham Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Franklin Graham Inspiring and Positive Quotes GodTube! GodVine Our Daily Bread Jesus Calling by Sarah Young


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Angela Ju

Angela Ju: JFYI for those interested in bringing ECAASU to your own campus next year :)

Proposals are due April 6 - feel free to leave questions, etc., in this thread, or email Maria Pitt at maria.pitt@ecaasu.org!


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Rabbi otis

990072597671353 Rabbi otis:         PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS EVERYWERE !!!!! makes me very very mad and upset !!!!! THAT THIS MOTHER CANNOT EVEN MAKE A SOFT BED FOR HER CHILDREN, with grass and hay....or turn around, to help the runts of the litter, that will die if they do not get food from her...it looks like one has died already..... her eyes say it all...."what have I done, to DESERVE THIS TOTURE?"..,
… please remember! Give a voice to those who can't speak for themselves and speak up when you witness or suspect cases of animal abuse. NEVER BE SILENT! SPEAK OUT! If you agree that animals feel, suffer, love and the truth about their abuse should be exposed, please “like” our page. and lets stop them together! join our fight for all animals rights and there welfare to stop animal abuse and you can all do that by joining rabbi Otis, Spread the news!!! We are more than FB pages... visit our website here: https://www.facebook.com/RabbiOtis?ref=hl

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Gourmet Basket

Gourmet Basket: A glass of red wine is the equivalent to an hour at the gym, says new study     The news just keeps getting better!

Now you have an excuse to send someone on of our Red Wine gift baskets :)



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