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Taylor Martin

1447643432177581 Taylor Martin:         If anyone got a message/friend request from Tennis Chris or All ClearPhotography, screenshot the message, defriend him & block him, and call your local PD immediately. This man is a registerd sex offender in Birmingham, and he has started a photography page and a fake facebook page offering free photo sessions on trading sites. Apparently his page is deleted now, but still be on the lookout! Below I posted where he is registered on the actual sex offenders website. Spread the word!
UPDATE: He also has ad's on Craigslist as well.
UPDATE: Local police departments and the Jefferson County sex offender unit have been notified.

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장진수: Mariah Perrin    

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Rhode Island Christian Home Educators

Rhode Island Christian Home Educators:     Clothing swap!! For the little ones

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Rodney J. Pine

10152144395812665 Rodney J. Pine: Timeline Photos     Enter Perdue’s 10-Minute Masterpieces Contest for a chance to win a year’s worth of chicken!*

NEW PERDUE® PERFECT PORTIONS® Boneless, Skinless Thighs are full of flavor and cook evenly in just 10 minutes. That means it’s easy to make your grilled chicken taste like a masterpiece.

This week’s theme is grillin’ tricks of the trade!

To enter, *COMMENT* below with your best grilling tip (up to 150 words). Here’s one of ours: To avoid overcooking the outside and undercooking the inside of your chicken, grill it over medium-hot charcoal.

Find more Tips from the Kitchen here: http://www.perdue.com/tips_from_the_kitchen/

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN IN THE “PERDUE® PERFECT PORTIONS® 10-MINUTE MASTERPIECES” CONTEST. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18 or older. Void where prohibited. Contest starts 7/22/14 and ends 8/5/14. Prizes awarded as free product coupons. For Official Rules, which govern, click here: http://bit.ly/1r2MV4Y Sponsor: Perdue Farms.

This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.    

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Jj Telcel

Jj Telcel: CELL PHONE Planet    

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The Happy Tree Natural Foods

The Happy Tree Natural Foods: NEW ARRIVALS NOW AVAILABLE ...

Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Gourmet Coffee

Whole Bean Organic French Roast
Ground Organic French Roast
Ground Organic Breakfast Blend
Ground Organic Love Buzz
Ground Organic Mind, Body & Soul

SRP- $11.15 - - Our Price $10.99 - - Sale Price $8.99 - - Facebook Friends Price w/mention of this post $7.99.

Come in and try free sampling of Equal Exchange Coffee on Saturday & Sunday!

The Sun is Shining on the Coffee in our New Expanded Space!

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Bay Area Exhibits

Bay Area Exhibits: Two Simple Questions Can Radically Improve Facebook Engagement | Social...     By engaging with content, fans are expressing themselves to their friends. Do your custom trade show displays communicate messages that your fans want to be seen consuming? http://ow.ly/zG4ge

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Delphine Johnson

Delphine Johnson: Ok those are some ideas for the pool Philip Rourke (hope this is what you meant by pinning the post, sorry not facebook wise! lol).
• Café (which can also be used by people not using the pool, bar separating both areas with one disabled toilet on park side, a small shaded space outside the door for bikes, dogs...) and a permanent water bowl where the dogs would wait so that people may stay in longer and would be welcome by a lot of walkers. The cafe/pool would also get the trade from the school kids so things that may appeal to them may give a permanent income during school term (even small), either by passing trade or through the school PE program.
• Two indoor pools (one splash/small one with water features for kids to enjoy, and one bigger one with slides for older swimmers), splash/fountain/water/sensory games outside),
• Mix changing room/lockers/shower/toilets like at one leisure (on smaller scale obviously).
• Somewhere for people to leave their buggies as many people will walk.
• One small room for changing and feeding babies.
• Another room could be use (maybe on second level which then should include a lift) for maybe birthday parties/conference/for hire).
• Administrative office (up stair maybe).

I think that the building could use renewable energy and be environmentally friendly (which will help with grant from government I think) and lower the running cost.

I understand that this may not be possible because of the money issues. Maybe worth applying for grants from lottery.... as well as fundraising and other ideas.

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Harriet Witonze

Harriet Witonze: AEE Kigali Summer 2014: Structural Learning Week 1 - Global Inequality and Trade Injustice    

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Wylder Nichols

10203804473939998 Wylder Nichols:         So Caroline Moore told me to upload 5 pictures of myself that make me feel....ah.....beautiful, but through an epic Facebook adventure I ended up trading my turn with Cooper Ferguson, so I present you with 5 pictures that better make Cooper feel beautiful. It is now Joe Sullivan, James Jackson, and Ben Hammond's turns.

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Nina Kellman

Nina Kellman: www.tonyhorowitz.com    

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Look good, feel great.

Look good, feel great.: Hiya guys, heres a start to my new business venture with wellness. I specialise in health and nutrition, weight management, personal care, fitness, skincare and beauty. I will regularly hold partys where you can come and see the different award wining products which we have on offer including testers, it will be an enjoyable friendly atmosphere with nibbles and wine provided, come along and have some fun with a chilled night in! The company is reliable to always meet expectations and has been trading for over 35 years, the products we supply are the cheapest but best quality in the area and there may also be discounts on top sometimes! There is a wide variety of things that will be on offer including body wraps, total detox equipment, diet plans, makeup made with natural ingredients and many many more! come and have a look what we have to offer :-) i will be holding my first party on wednesday 30th july, feel free to come and bring along any friends too! The more the merrier :) Any questions feel free to message me on here or my personal facebook @ Claire louise Wilson xx

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Africa Business Engineering Ltd

Africa Business Engineering Ltd: Rising Share Prices Could Ignite A New Tech Acquisition Spree | TechCrunch     Rising Share Prices Could Ignite A New Tech Acquisition Spree In early 2014, a number of high-profile acquisitions were locked in at prices that many found confusing. The good times are probably coming back. Companies that compete across numerous technology strata like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook are trading near record highs — or at least, the highest prices they’ve seen in a decade. Those same companies are all incredibly cash-rich. Read More

New article from TechCrunch

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Ko Min Thein

Ko Min Thein: Phyo Paing Oo    

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All Paws in the Name of Patrick Michigan

All Paws in the Name of Patrick Michigan: Stop Horrific Dog Meat Trade!!! Demand China Make Animal Cruelty Laws!!!     Please sign and share!!

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Amanda Topping

Amanda Topping: Independent Skips Guernsey    

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Bark N' Cat

Bark N' Cat: Furry Friends Foster and Rescue Inc     Come on... how cute is she?

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Zhanna Kutman

Zhanna Kutman: Have a question to my Christian friends. I know you all and you are all wonderful people. From your posts on Facebook I know that your religion is important to you. But I have not seen any of you to say anything about terrible situation with Christians in areas controlled by ISIS or in some parts of Africa. I can't believe that you don't care that people who lived there for thousands of years are being forced to either convert to Islam, pay outrageous tax, leave, or die! That churches that stood there for 1600 years are being destroyed. That people are being crucified! That they are chopping people's heads off and put them on the sticks! That they are concurring more and more territory and subject more and more people to this tragedy! That nobody does anything to stop them!

Remeber words of a Protestant German pastor Martin Niemöller:
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.'

Are we letting those 'crusaders' take us to the same place again? There will be nobody to stand up for us!

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Oke Walastery

Oke Walastery: Akpos' pastor added him on Facebook and he
accepted. Two minutes later, a message came in:
PASTOR: How are you?
AKPOS: I'm fine, pastor.
PASTOR: May the building of heavenly favour
collapse on your
AKPOS: (No reply).
PASTOR: May the thunder of blessing strike you
and your
AKPOS: (No reply).
PASTOR: May God slash you with the axe of life.
AKPOS: (no reply).
PASTOR: May God stab you with the knife of
AKPOS: (no reply).
PASTOR: May you be sentenced to life
imprisonment in the
eternal jail of success.
AKPOS: (No reply).
PASTOR: May the World Trade Centre of
happiness collapse on
you and your family.
AKPOS: (No reply).
PASTOR: Are you there?
AKPOS: Yes, pastor.
PASTOR: You should be saying amen to claim the
AKPOS: OK. May the over-speeding trailer of
blessings jam and
crush you and your family. May the earthquake of
swallow you and your family members. May the
sea of
miracles drown you and your family members in
Jesus' name.
PASTOR: (No reply).
AKPOS: You should be saying amen to claim these
PASTOR: May thunder fire you!

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Sandra Berndsen Zanin

Sandra Berndsen Zanin

Andy Smyth

Andy Smyth: Belfast Motor Show 2014 - The Disaster    

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Carol Westwood

Carol Westwood: C & C Aerials     WEST MIDLANDS BASED TV, AERIAL, SAT TV, SUPPLIERS AND INSTALLERS tv aerial fully fitted from £ 65 - SKY DISH SUPPLY AND FIT £45 - EXTRA points tv phone or sky !!!!! CCTV supply and fit !!!! MOBILE PHONE LINKED CCTV AVAILABLE !!!! REPAIRS SUPPLIERS & FITTERS light roof repairs
CALL CHRIS 07950791361 !!!
PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE THANKS https://www.facebook.com/pages/C-C-Aerials/1457376911176205

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Zulkarnain International Jobs Agency

Zulkarnain International Jobs Agency: Zulkarnain International Jobs Agency     Special regards to all Friends, I hope all is fine.
I am Abubakar Zulkarnain managing director of Zulkarnain International Jobs Agency (ZIJA)
My company is a non governmental organization (NGO) approved by government of the federation.
We send skilled and talented people to work across the world, our company provide lectures, skill acqusation, awerenes, public convention, special workshop and interviews based on personal perfection before we send them to the respected requested company.
The company is created as a way of eradicating poverty globaly.
We also work in hand with Federal ministry of labour and competence for trade test and government certificate issuing.
We send people to work expecially from the west african countries to the world.
The employees will be security certified and guaranteed for non terrorism, drug abuse and all unlawful moral, also health certificate issuing from specialist hospitals.
The employees will abide by all laws of the respected employers country, and abide by rules, regulations, terms and contition of the company.
The employees objective is to render good service in any enviroment they found themselves, with adding values to the employers company, and to work under pressure.

I will be happy if you may require staffs from my company.

Office contact: No. 22, Jazz plaza Kaduna State, Federal Republic Of Nigeria.
Mobile: +2348033119310.
E-mail: zulkarnain@job4u.com
facebook Address: http://facebook.com/zulkarnain.international.jobs.agency
Thank you.

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Susan Watkins

Susan Watkins: Gosh its such a shock to see my name as watkins when i get on facebook :) but i wouldnt trade it for the world!

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Deb Spargen

673755562717501 Deb Spargen: Timeline Photos     LET'S HELP AUTHORITIES FIND HIM BY MAKING IT GO VIRAL:

A disturbing photo posted on Facebook has a lot of people upset and sheriff's deputies in Charlotte County, Florida, looking for the culprit. Thomas Mcguinness, the man in the photo, later posted: "don't know why everybody so mad about a cat we only shot it twice."

READ MORE: http://ch7ne.ws/1ukS9Pk.     fucktard, trade places with the cat and see how you feel. hope they find you, You sick son of a bitch!

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Ash Allotey

Ash Allotey: Sela Amelorku     :D8-)

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Scott James Moig

726017380792179 Scott James Moig: Timeline Photos     ATTENTION !

Finding other trade shops to be expensive and unhelpful?

Need a Cheaper and more friendly supplier?

Well look no further Grand Designs Trade is here for you!

All products available for next day delivery to store for either your work or home

Want to know more?
Please contact us by either sending a message to us on;
Email: areasales@granddesigns.uk.com
Call us on 01278 434151    

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Wanda Lukes

Wanda Lukes: I asked David how he did the Morph Vids, he said trade secrete except that facebook destroys the video quality and all the sharpness degrades.

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Trading Labels

Trading Labels: Look at this FABULOUS review from an equally fabulous lady! Thanks again for your kind words Darlene! See you soon!

I also checked out a local consignment shop called Trading Labels located on W. Sahara Ave. We showed up 20 minutes before closing time. My jaw hit the floor with all the beautiful, highest of the high-end labels she had there. I tried on a beautiful paisley coat but it was too small. :-( The owner, Natasha was beyond super nice! We didn’t feel rushed and come to find out, she used to work in Albuquerque for Elizabeth Arden! I wrote a really nice review of her store on her Trading Labels Facebook page. If you go to Las Vegas or live there, you really need to stop here and check it out for yourself.

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