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Jared Blanchette

Jared Blanchette: Okay my tech friends of Facebook, I need your honest opinions regarding the latest iPhones... (TL;DR I have an iPhone 5, should I get the 5S or 6?)

I currently have an iPhone 5 32GB that I got on contract in October 2012. It worked perfectly for the first year while it was under warranty (of course), but after that, it started going downhill. Long story short, my iPhone's on life support (

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Ryan Petey Peterson

Ryan Petey Peterson: HEY FACEBOOK FRIENDS. Just so you all know, we are throwing a huge trade anything party down here at KEY Auto Mall in Moline. So far we have taken in: a trailer camper, a box spring for a bed, two motorcycles, 3 bicycles, 2 pairs of Jordans, a surround sound system, a stand up freezer, and lots more!! All of the stuff you have sitting around at home could make the difference for you between getting the car of your dreams TODAY, or just continuing to dream. So hit me up today, and let me and your junk at home go to work for you!

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Jay King

631646320217880 Jay King:         Please refrain from asking tech questions or trying to source parts, or buy/sell/trade anything on this page. There are plenty of other tech specific and buy/sell/trade pages on Facebook. I strongly urge you to search the internet before posting your tech questions here. If you absolutely cannot refrain from asking questions, at least attach an image of an engine bay in the original post so nobody can say you're breaking the rules and delete your post. If your post does not have an attached image of an engine bay, I will delete it.

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Soni Cihat

Soni Cihat: Please help? To coffee lover on Facebook? Do you prefer big brand Name coffee like eg: IIIy, LaVazza? Or Organic&Fair trade coffee? Does it matter? Please write brand name or O&F.... Or. Doesn't matter. Thank you very much for ur help

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Kenny Carlisle

Kenny Carlisle: Hey everyone, kinda have a proposal for the facebook universe. Will trade custom glass work for a working projector = ) we need some toonage while we rage and that would be a gaaame changer. Thanks everyone, keep it funky

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Mike L Perry

Mike L Perry: One other quick thought before I go to work......

There seemed to be an awful lot of trading going on, at least here on Facebook. Not everyone is going to want to see the 4 "big" name groups. My friend and I passed on Marillion (pink show) in order to see Stickmen and IO Earth.

Instead of forcing us to trade our coveted laminates, who not print up ticket books for each person? Have the assigned seat on them and maybe a barcode for quick scanning at the door. This way, if you don't want to see one of the groups in the theater, rip the ticket out and trade/give it to someone else. No worries about meeting up later to get the laminate back.

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Fiber Art Now

Fiber Art Now: Fiber Art Now     Fiber Art Now Earth Day event on Facebook starts April 21- 25...

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Christiane Falke Skov-Bjerregaard

Christiane Falke Skov-Bjerregaard:    

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Bolivia Ojumah





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Jason Coleslaw Crawford

10152025174212713 Jason Coleslaw Crawford: Timeline Photos     I saw this on Facebook today and thought I'd share.
How would you answer this question?     As much as I'd want to , I'd trade my seat with my beautiful little daughter just so she could see why she is the way she is with my mom

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Zdeno van Dolen

534711626645662 Zdeno van Dolen: Timeline Photos     Grow your own vegetables and trade them.
If you do not have a garden, you might know someone with a garden. Start co-creating, start the path to abundance. Gather a group of people, make a plan and just ask the mayor if he can 'give' you the land for a certain time. You can find E-books, DIY instruction videos and lots of pictures all over the internet and lots of people on facebook to talk to, who already started. If the system does not work for us, we have to join forces and do it ourselves ...     Grow your own food ...

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Mike Lu

Mike Lu: Dogs/cats/ Puppies for sale/birds /small animals/exotics / swap / trade-in     I got a tip that even Facebook is increasingly being used for the illegal wildlife trade !

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Perth Design Web and Print

Perth Design Web and Print: Perth Design Web and Print Website Maintenance Agreement    

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Wendy Snodgrass

Wendy Snodgrass: Ok.... This is my rant for the day! Please indulge me......

So, I decide to trade in my IPhone for a Samsung Galaxy 4. This transaction was completed at the Verizon Retailer at the Woodburn Mall. For those of you that might not know, there is a difference between a Verizon Retailer and a Verizon Corporate store. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE VERIZON RETAILER AT THE WOODBURN MALL...........

They basically tried to rip me off and when I confronted the situation, I was pretty much told to pound sand! So after getting as much of my money I could out of them for my old phone and the return, the staff said that the kid that sold me the phone was not properly trained and that is why I experienced these issues. Total lack of integrity on the part of the owners of this store.......

As I was leaving, the young girl who was helping me decided to have some attitude. I told her I was going to put this on Facebook and many people would see this..... I don't think the owners of this store will like this story out there but the only way to get to certain people is the power of the purse. Please don't buy anything there.....

Ok, I am done! Thanks for listening

Lastly, I went back to the IPhone........ LOL

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Franny Meckler

Franny Meckler: Hi everyone!!!!! Just wanted to let everyone know that my phone got stolen today.... If ne one see Bart please if possible get my phone from him... Its a Tmobile ZTE.... But just in case I never see it again (which is most likely) Im going to be needing a Tmobile smartphone..... I have AT&T smartphones that i can trade or a Verizon smartphone to trade.... The Tmobile must be of equal value tho please... So until I get my phone back or get a new one ne one trying to get hold of me has to do so thru here on facebook...Thanks everyone.... Love ya!!!!!

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Louise Ferris

Louise Ferris: Hi, to all of my family, friends, and Facebook friends. It has been a while since I updated on my daughter Tammie Moseley! She is still in therapy, she is doing well, but not as fast as we thought she would. There is no damage to her throat that will prevent her from gaining all of her speech back. She does talk, but needs to let it come more freely. She is walking on a walker with help, still has problem with her balance, so can not turn her lose on her own. She is working very hard with therapy, but sometimes is slow. If need at the end of her time they want to send her back to the Baptist Re-Hab to go thru the 14. Day fast track therapy, then go home. She doesn't have much more time, and she is so ready to go.

When this happen to Tammie, God told me me He was going to heal her, and He has did a great work in her life, He is going to finish His healing in her life. He told me He would and I will hang on to this until the very end.

Once again today, this message came across the TV, saying what God has promised hang on to it, even if everyone gives up, because He will do what he promises. I'm human and it breaks my heart to see my daughter have to travel this road, I would trade places with her if I could. But I shall lift my voice to Heaven and declare that God is our Father, and He will always keep His word, and never forsake His children.

Thank you Jesus for what you have completed in Tammie's life, but we are believing for complete restoration in her life.

Thanks for all the prayer you have sent her way, and when you remember her, please take her to our Father in Heaven

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Md Aminur Rahman

Md Aminur Rahman: TradeZoomer     Welcome TradeZoomer Facebook Fans! TradeZoomer is The World's Online Marketplace. We offer an online platform where millions of items are traded daily.

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Lee Ann Wilbern

Lee Ann Wilbern: Well, home from Lakeshore Hospial. Missed chatting on facebook for few days; but it was a necessary surgery and all went well. The concern and excellent care I received was wonderful but, they are usually very good there. My gratitude and thanks to Dr. Reed, Helena, Martsie, Pam, Kathleen, Tyler, Penny, Andrea and Sarah and the rest of the staff at the hospital in Shelby. From registration to release, they were excellent and very caring. My wonderful soul mate, Tom, you are the most awesome man I know and you prove your Love every day, in big and little ways and I love you so much. My children are thorny, opinionated and sometimes crabby and outspoken but, I would not trade any of you. Thank you for being there for me. And mom, I love you more than I can ever show you. And my greatest love, joy and unwavering faith and beliefs, in the Lord. He watches over me and those I love. Thank you is just not enough to cover how I feel .

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Steve E Miller

Steve E Miller: I have a challenge for all my artist friends... I've taken a lot of photos of you and given them to you, I'd love to see your interpretation of me in your art. I think I have plenty of representations here on facebook and I'll gladly trade a print of mine that I've taken of you for a print of your work of me :)

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Andres De la Cruz

Andres De la Cruz: Andres! ‧─‧ this is mee hackin ur ratchet ass cx lol well damn haha you've been there for me and thanks for all the great advice thank you for being a real nice guy :) you are the first person i ask for advice i swear ‧─‧ its cuz i have no friends cx well your a hella chill ass guy thoee no joke i wonder who ur ass gunna marry. Cx butch gunna put a ring on that shit cx your like a bruddah to mee like farreal :) i wanna high five your face haha cx anyways yeah ima keep ur facebook now cx u can have mine xc lol we should trade fbs for a day!! cx el otro dia u were hella reganandome :/ lol pues it coo por que te voy adar tus madrisas cx a fat guy gunna rape you tonight geettt sooomeee!!! cx yeah u call me fea thoee -_- n i remember ur ass was making fun of me when that one guy was calling me asian -_-tt pero vas aver nalgas podridas cx lol these girls all over ur nuts cx they better not fucken mess with your feelings por que las mato cx haha u always do my truth is and you say that i friend zoned you lmfao cxand u made fun of my middle name Guadalupe -_- haha yeahah niggah ur tall thoee y yo bien chaparra cx its koo cx its koo cx one of these days ima grow cx haha yeah well ima gi reply to your lame ass orita :) well yeah tu home gurl saira was here aka lupita cx
Saira Lopez cx i was here okayy cx i would give you my signature but your too ratchet cx

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Leonel Castro

Leonel Castro: Steam Community :: *Mariana*     if someone with name Mariana Fernandes try to trade with u , dont accept it its just an scammer , when u try to trade u get a mesage saying she's scammer , she just tried to scam me .

steam profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/marianafernandes/
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008079430493

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Michael Jones

644222302318299 Michael Jones:         please dont pm me facebook has my blocked from messages

10 pics I have a 1983 palomino pop up camper im wanting to trade or sell i bought it
and my wife didnt like it does have some places that needs patched
its 31 years old ( but very usable ) i like it cause its really light and
can be pulled back in the woods with a 4 wheeler
has good title stove sink and fridge cushions and mattresses are original
and in good shape good tires and pulls good has good title $750 OBO
sissonville area dont ask me how far you are from me ( google it )

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David Micheal Samuels

10152408602387780 David Micheal Samuels:         MINT GEL LYTE 3's
I repeat.

People seem to get these confused with the gel lyte 5's for some odd reason.

Here I have these up for grabs in a size 7
Currently am in possession of two pairs and I'm willing to share one with a special person here on Facebook

They have been worn one time very lightly.

My bin price is $650 OBO

I am accepting cash offers or asics heat trades in a size 7

Any questions just ask or message me. Thanks for your time.

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David Micheal Samuels

10152408600152780 David Micheal Samuels:         MINT GEL LYTE 3's
I repeat.

People seem to get these confused with the gel lyte 5's for some odd reason.

Here I have these up for grabs in a size 7
Currently am in possession of two pairs and I'm willing to share one with a special person here on Facebook

They have been worn one time very lightly.

My bin price is $650 OBO

I am accepting cash offers or asics heat trades in a size 7

Any questions just ask or message me. Thanks for your time.

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Albertsons: Earthbound Farms Every Cart Counts Virtual Giveaway Sweepstakes!    

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Robert Blackman

Robert Blackman: You used to talk to someone and "wonder" what they are thinking.

Now, you just have to visit their timeline to actually see what they're thinking!

From a marketing perspective (sharing one of my trade secrets here) if you want to market to people on Facebook read their walls.

Then create a product or service that solves their problems!

Never in the history of mankind have marketers had the ability to get free content and product ideas as they are today.

Take advantage of it...I do everyday!

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Chelsey Meckel

647183425336710 Chelsey Meckel:         Handmade copper wire tree with blue rainbow crystal. Asking $12.00. Also looking for a ring sizer. Know anyone who's willing to trade? Don't forget to check out my facebook page! facebook.com/chelseysdreamdesigns for other handmade items that I have for sale!

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Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez:     posting this my cousin Anthony Williams traded his 4 door ef primered like army green color with ls for this ek civic and the ek was stolen over month ago police and guys just came here and owner let me record him on this....guy name is rayray rayray here on sin city so watch out for him and police are looking for u they know ur facebook and ur ip address will lead to your capture

fuck sin sity and shady ass people on here     posting this my cousin Anthony Williams traded his 4 door ef primered like army green color with ls for this ek civic and the ek was stolen over month ago police and guys just came here and owner let me record him on this....guy name is rayray rayray here on sin city so watch out for him and police are looking for u they know ur facebook and ur ip address will lead to your capture

fuck sin sity and shady ass people on here
Watch the video: video https://fbcdn-video-a.akamaihd.net/hvideo-ak-ash1/v/t42.1790-2/1970248_10203509002314161_989160093_n.mp4?oh=5d9e2642b7d78131700bcf90fe6d4da8&oe=535318FF&__gda__=1397965467_9de04752cd67816118d99a0cdd205d76

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Alex Kennedy

Alex Kennedy: i dont say much on facebook, and all i read evryday is ppl bitchin and complaining about how shitty their life is. well, why dont u ppl go out and do something to change all that. like me, got accepted to red river for trades. haha, finally sumthin to bitch about eh??

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Tina Sakers

Tina Sakers: Year long mission trip to Asia, Sept 2014 - Aug 2015     Yearlong mission trip to Asia, Sept 2014 - Aug 2015

I will be going on a yearlong mission trip from September, 2014 through August of 2015. I will be with a group of people, going to 11 different Asian Countries. We will be working with nationals in each country who are running programs for people who have been trafficked in the sex trade, orphans, children who live in slums, schools, etc. helping to make a difference in these people's lives. Please help me reach my goal of raising $17,000 by purchasing a shirt for $20.

Go to https://www.booster.com/tinasakersworldrace2014?share=721397267504302 to see the t-shirts and place your order, you may also make a donation at this site, if you do not wish to purchase a t-shirt, but want to support Tina’s mission trip. The shirts come in two different colors, there are sizes from childrens to adult XXXXL. Please share this fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter with your friends!

Donations may also be made at the site listed below:


Please contact casakers@aol.com

All funds raised will go directly to Adventures in Missions

Thank you to all who help me by supporting this mission trip!

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Ford India

Ford India: ‘Ford 30-30 Campaign’- Terms & Conditions    

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Mount Carmel TradingPage

Mount Carmel TradingPage: Hello friends! Just a reminder, we've reached 5,000 friends here on Facebook, but you can still "follow" us to be able to see and post items for sale on the Mount Carmel TradingPage. Thank you, and Happy Trading!

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PrettyAzz Nick

PrettyAzz Nick: Hey Facebook family and friends just wanted to let you guys know that I will be leaving to go to job corp soon to take up a trade and get my license so when i come out i will have my charger car i always wanted and finish my goal in becoming a city police officer

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Naomi Mcguinness

Naomi Mcguinness: To all my Facebook friends curls isn't on Facebook so he has asked me to let u all know that he is now trading at wickes in Folkestone 7 days a week from 6.30am so if u fancy a good breakfast or burger u now know where to go please share thks xxxxxxx

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Morgan Garrett

Morgan Garrett: Wow. so some fools over at bush craft trading post had a huge war with Alan A. then since i agreed with him that that group was full of drama , i got labeled a reject and a poor member of their lil group.....well the way i see it is i walked out on that group way before the drama begin with Alan A. because of other drama and the fact that the admins and members of their group were falsely accusing people and blacklisting friends i know to be honorable. i left there with my name at the TOP of the white list where it have been since there was less then 50 members. i was a outstanding member. yea i got labeled as a reject and part of the problem with their community and good riddance to me?


then he proceeded to bring my Religion into the subject. STOP THERE. go no further.

and they wonder why people leave their group in DROVES.

there is only one bush craft trading post i hag out at now and that is Pathfinder Trade Blanket. once it is gone i am done with Facebook trading. those i have met, made friends with and have exchanged valuable ideas, items and friendship with....you know where to find me for future barter.

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