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Joey Joe

Joey Joe: eNCAnews
SAFA President Danny Jordaan says plans are in motion to build a statute in honour of slain Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa.
Officials want illegal firearms to be melted down to create the memorial which will stand outside SAFA House.
So, today’s viewer question, how do you feel about a statue being erected in Senzo Meyiwa’s honour?

Danny Jordaan are you stupid ? Preventing the opposition team to score a goal doesn't make Senso Mayiwa special. Any one can keep a ball out of the net. What about Christiaan Barnard ? The first heart surgeon who transplant a human heart. His work as a surgeon is saving lifes while you are busy reading this post. An what do he get - a street name in Cape Town. Its kinda funny how you can score a goal in soccer / score a try in rugby or what eva - an then you a National Hero. Or worst when a rapper or singer produce an empty headed lyrics song , then they heroes. But when a fireman saves a life - a life saver at sea saves a life - a police officer protect your property durin the Festive Seasons when you on holiday / a doctor saves lifes an the list go on. Then they don't even get credit for that. How fuck this world become. Why don't they make a statue for Reeva Steenkamp who died at the hands of a mentally ill killer . A statue to show the world that we hav a Rich vs Poor Justice System. If you poor you fucked - if you rich you in the good hands of the Justice System.

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Chris Curtis

4851563623249 Chris Curtis: Photos of Mary McDonough     Little Baylee Brynn....2 weeks after her heart transplant surgery!
Thank you all for your wonderful prayers.
Please keep praying for the donor family.
Their sadness will last a lifetime~ :(    

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Jane Barbone

Jane Barbone: National Foundation for Transplants     Pls SHARE!! Just going to keep top posting this until we meet the $$ goal. This is my cousin, Larry Lawrence Martin & he's in dire need of help for a kidney & heart transplant. In the words of his sister, my cousin, Dawn Martin Brouillette, "This is my big brother, Larry. He needs a heart and kidney transplant. Please click the link to a fund raiser that's just been set up to help pay for the additional costs, after insurance, for this much needed transplant. We're hoping he'll get the call soon, as he's very sick, but they won't call him if he doesn't have enough in the fund. Please consider a donation and help us get him to his goal. Thank you!"

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Taylor-Christian Slate

Taylor-Christian Slate: Check Out This Video of a Complete Heart Transplant! | IFLScience    

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Tim Niemenski

Tim Niemenski: Julia Spitznogle     Very good must read

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Octavio Floresvillar

660639857385848 Octavio Floresvillar: Mobile Uploads     Tears From Our Heart

We would like you to join us in paying tribute to a truly amazing little girl who sadly lost her battle against mixed lineage Leukaemia yesterday morning.

Margot put up a strong fight having had a successful bone marrow transplant Margot sadly relapsed.

Her final days were spent with her loved ones at home.

Margot thoughts of you always.

xxx     Maybe my Jennilie found a new friend. Look at the dates. Three months apart 10/12/12-07/27/14. Rest In Peace girls

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Aniruddha Ganguly

Aniruddha Ganguly: She stood there crying,
Waiting for him to come,
He finally found her and hugged her tight,
"I will never leave your side", he promised her daughter,
An accident and a heart transplant later,
He left the world only to stay on her left side.

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Linda David

Linda David: Okay facebook friends here we go again seems like I'm always ask for extra prayers. We had to leave for Amarillo tonight because our sons life partner of 20 + years is not expected to make it through the night they were putting him on a triple transplant list heart kidney and liver but he made a turn for the worse. Please pray for peace and healing for him and his family

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Diego Sanchzserr

Diego Sanchzserr: Today my father is 6 months after transplant and radical change is impressive, no doubt that despite radically change his life after seven fulminant heart attack and left him with only 14% of cardiac function, this new heart change his and our life, Thanks God, for the generous donation of the organ that the family did.
Proudly transplantation was performed in Mexico City at Cardiology Hospital National Medical Center Siglo XXI belonging to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

Here in Mexico the culture of donation is poor and It's my duty to promote it every day.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad English.

Greetings from Mexico City

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Brad Much

Brad Much: Signed up the same day my father had his heart transplant

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Brittani Orme

Brittani Orme: Check Out This Video of a Complete Heart Transplant     Cameron Redmond

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Larry Black

Larry Black: I told a friend of mine about a true life story that happened to me. About getting a job, signed up for healthy insurance that would not cover pre-existing for one year. This was after I had a kidney transplant. One week before that year was up, I was let go. The boss explained to me the reason: because my being on the health plan and it starting to cover pre-existing conditions would drive everyone health insurance higher. Her question then became: 'Why couldn't they have paid just a little more so you could keep your job, your insurance and keep your transplanted kidney'. Since she is a dear friend, I didn't elaborate. She is a Republican but I like her very much and didn't have the heart to tell her that is exactly how Affordable Health Care(ObamaCare) works. Folks, there are millions in America exactly like that right now. A pre-existing health condition and cannot find coverage. What is the cost bottom line? Well, one job(mine), the other employees saved about a dollar a month on their insurance, one transplanted kidney(again, mine) and the cost of putting me back on dialysis for 12 years(to date). SO, in the long run, it cost MORE for everyone by the choices that a few made. Sound familiar?

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Joanne Foster

10152387208327651 Joanne Foster: Timeline Photos     SUZIE PALMER UPDATE ON HER MS

24-10.... A Wonderful Update

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Courtney Kidd

Courtney Kidd "Have a Heart" Transplant Page: Jeff Green Inspires Child Who Needs Heart Transplant     Love this!

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Varun Vikku

992713380742639 Varun Vikku: Timeline Photos     MUST READ-->

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