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Philip Green

Philip Green: Young Black Entrepreneur in the Spotlight

Meet David Harris, 30, Central District, Seattle, WA

Harris, 30, is no land developer, public official or millionaire. The former Microsoft engineer leads entrepreneurial education at the Technology Access Foundation, which works with under-served populations, and has owned his condo here — near the neighborhood’s eclectic heart at 23rd and Jackson — since 2007.

His idea to host an entrepreneurial hackathon in the Central District took top prize in a contest put on by Seattle news organization Crosscut to channel the city’s tech boom to easily overlooked corners of the city. That got him a free business consultation with Grow50 (a consortium to help entrepreneurs), six months at Pioneer Square co-working space Impact Hub and even a pledge of support from tech investor and recent Seattle transplant Michael Arrington.

Hack the CD

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Kathy Waguespack Naquin

Kathy Waguespack Naquin: Please pray for little Claire today as she goes through a heart transplant. The following is the latest update: "Claire was wheeled into the OR at 12:09 am. Anesthesia will be working to get her intubated and get all of her lines placed. The harvesting team was in route to get the heart at 10:30 so they should be there now. The donor's OR time is 1am. It's going to be a long night."

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Kamino da ADDA

Kamino da ADDA: Very Touchy Story:
Girl: I'm Having My Operation Now I
Love You.
The Girl Lays On Operation Bed.
Boy Stands There With Watery Eyes
Without Saying I Love You Too.
Girl Finishes Heart Transplant, The Boy Is
Girl: Nurse Where Is He?
Nurse Says: They Didn't Tell You Who's
Heart They Gave You,
Did They?
Nurse Hands The Girl A Note Girls Reads Note
"I Told You It Was Yours" ?
:-) :-)

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Living with Cystic Fibrosis¡

Living with Cystic Fibrosis¡: Six-day old baby survives heart transplant in Phoenix, Arizona     Azaming 💕

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Donate Life Maryland

Donate Life Maryland: Finding Love After a Heart Transplant     Finding love after a heart transplant, watch this wonderful story:

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