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NU Department of Theatre

NU Department of Theatre: As promised – below are the winners of the 2014/2015 Locker Lotto:

Grace Schwartzenberger
Olivia Probetts
Maia Safani
Rachel Meloan
Alex Benjamin
Laura Smith
Amelia Bell
Khari Shelton
Brendan Flynn
Dylan Pager
Andrew Hitzhusen
Ari Shapiro
Garrett Baer
Jack Lowrie
Shae Spence
Gus Schlanbusch
Charlie Oh
Hale McSharry
Phoebe Moore
Alex Kramer
Shea Lee
Ben Beatty
Anjali Nath
Lucinda Allen
Dan Leahy
Daniel Stromfeld
Kaja Burke-Williams
Jackie Bautista

If you were selected, stop by the reception desk starting on Tuesday and we will get you your number and combo.YOU'LL NEED TO CLAIM YOUR LOCKER WITHIN TWO WEEKS (NOVEMBER 17th) OR WE WILL GIVE IT TO ANOTHER STUDENT IN THE LOTTO.

IF YOU WEREN'T SELECTED: It is possible we may have a few lockers open up. Give us two weeks and we will let you know if we do a second drawing :)

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