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Karen Kelly

Karen Kelly: The Witches Almanac     Interesting. October was once the 8th month many years ago? I love the number 8 and I love October.

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Vc Frost

Vc Frost: Astrology Status for 10/19/2014 - Venus Enters the Picture    

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Valerie Mistretta

1486280408303265 Valerie Mistretta: Timeline Photos     Blood Red-- When it wasn't shrouded in fog! Viewing the lunar eclipse from the Mandeville Lakefront this morning proved difficult, but the moon popped into view from time to time.    

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Harmony Oreilly

10152287159401782 Harmony Oreilly: Timeline Photos     ... and you can do this on any full moon night of the year, lol! Now that's what I call a "Ruby Eclipse". ;) Happy #WineWednesday, my friends! #Cheers!

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Ray Boyce

10152914653193054 Ray Boyce: Timeline Photos     Where did you watch this morning's lunar eclipse? University Photographer Jim Stroup joined dozens of students and employees on the Drillfield this morning to see the blood moon set over Burruss Hall. — with Mere Morris and Kelsey Morris Bowden.    

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Andrew Ianniello

Andrew Ianniello: Every SECRET Revealed (Must Read)     Jamie Ianniello

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Noah Richardson

Noah Richardson: Neat lunar eclipse over Texas!

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Pedro Marques Santana

806010252783544 Pedro Marques Santana: Timeline Photos     Yoga in a cave followed by a lunch picnic here yesterday.
Lunar Eclipse Flow + Crystal Reiki sessions by the sea today.
Freediving in Dean's Blue Hole tomorrow.
...You should be here.

Photo by my lovely yogi mermaid student, Edita Jusufovic — with Edita Jusufovic.    

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Ruth Graham Swerdon

Ruth Graham Swerdon: Husky Pack Rescue    

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TornadoVortex.net: 10/08/14 Lunar Eclipse    

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Savannah Lunar Eclipse

Savannah Lunar Eclipse: I'm done.

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Gopal Mishra

Gopal Mishra: Lunar Eclipse: Stunning images of the Blood Moon from across the world - Firstpost    

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Deza Caetano

1569957803227439 Deza Caetano: Timeline Photos     Hoje tem #TVD, e está tendo SUPER DESCONTOS também na Enchanted Store, tudo por causa do eclipse lunar.

Aproveite: www.enchantedstorebr.com     SOCORRO

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Kari Proctor

Kari Proctor: Don't Miss This Solar Event     Unfortunately I missed it because I had to work! I've always wanted to see a solar eclipse. Even a partial one. I've seen several lunar ones.

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EDo MakEdo

EDo MakEdo: Video timelapse of the "blood moon" lunar eclipse on 8 Oct 2014 from Australia     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5HG25pGob4     Want to see more like this? Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/artFido This video was shot in Canberra, Australia. Stargazers were treated to a rare sight ...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5HG25pGob4

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William Ryan

William Ryan: October 2014 Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse Coverage    

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Shirley Scott Goldman

10152287159401782 Shirley Scott Goldman: Timeline Photos     ... and you can do this on any full moon night of the year, lol! Now that's what I call a "Ruby Eclipse". ;) Happy #WineWednesday, my friends! #Cheers!

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Linda Hof

Linda Hof: Donnie Sargeant    

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Tammi-lee Fazldeen

719017531481310 Tammi-lee Fazldeen: Timeline Photos     "THE ECLIPSE PORTAL : ends in 4 DAYS: The weekend has been huge. Yes? Beautiful, heart and soul openings have been on offer. Have you accepted? An X1 Class solar flare added vibrancy and cosmic light cleansing us of all the negativity which has risen in our lives since the Total Lunar Eclipse. You are being purged, let it go and be released into your flow. We have only 4 days till New Moon Solar Eclipse ends this two weeks of amazing opportunities.
Join me each day for the full story on how to work this energy (written for the globe no matter where you live) in the NEW 22 page issue of The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast. Not since 1996 have this week's opportunities been available to you and they won't be back again until 2032. It's an important week to rise."
~~ Elizabeth Peru

Please JOIN me Roshandra in the PRIVATE MOON PUJA class on line during this amazing NEW MOON time and ECLIPSE

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Carolyn Milner

Carolyn Milner: Matt: what's a lunar eclipse? Paul: what's a solar eclipse? Matt: what's a total eclipse of the heart?
We always have fun....

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David Cassity

10202757167276252 David Cassity:         Lunar eclipse. Weird watching moon disappear.

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Mario Marquis Duff

Mario Marquis Duff: U James Xfactor can u ask for a lunar eclipse up here

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York Gorzolla

733203646715099 York Gorzolla: APOD 2014 October     APOD: Sunspots and Solar Eclipse (2014 Oct 25)
Image Credit & Copyright: Michael Bolte (UCSC)

Explanation: A New Moon joined giant sunspot group AR 2192 to dim the bright solar disk during Thursday's much anticipated partial solar eclipse. Visible from much of North America, the Moon's broad silhouette is captured in this extreme telephoto snapshot near eclipse maximum from Santa Cruz, California. About the size of Jupiter, the remarkable AR 2192 itself darkens a noticeable fraction of the Sun, near center and below the curved lunar limb. As the sunspot group slowly rotates across the Sun and out of view in the coming days its activity is difficult to forecast. But the timing of solar eclipses is easier to predict. The next will be a total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015.


Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page


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