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Robert Whitfield

Robert Whitfield: Day 4 of the "List 3 Blessings a Day for 7 Days Challenge."
1.I'm thankful for the "Outback" Restaurant gift card I won today, seems I keep getting Blessings from my job, I won a "IPAD Air" at the Christmas party! Now that I'm on a roll I'm claiming the "MEGA MILLIONS" lottery!
2.I'm also thankful for the lunch my job had catered today for us. The menu was fried chicken and fish that they were cooking outside, and I wanted neither because I was trying to cut back on fried foods, but while they were bringing out huge tubs of chicken and fish I noticed they were grilling a small pan of BBQ chicken on the side that was sitting over there like they were cooking it just for me! so, I asked one of the chefs "Who is the grilled chicken for?" he said, "It's for whomever request it" I told him that I am definitely requesting, and he brought me over the whole pan!
3. I'm thankful for my little 4 year old niece Jewel Denise Newkirk, she says her name like that, she was visiting us for the Summer, but she finally went back to school this week. Now I don't have to worry about her bullying me around the house anymore, but when it's quiet I can still hear her little voice sometimes and even though she's not here, I hear her calling me names "FAT BELLY! BIG FAT BELLY!" LOL
Today I am challenging DMarcus Jamall Beatty to perform the "List 3 Blessings a Day for 7 Days Challenge.

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