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Elsie Hall

Elsie Hall: Juliana's Sari-Sari & Video Rental Store/World Travel And Tours, exchange rate for today is..... PHP44.60/$1.00 ...

Don't forget to buy your lottery tickets in JULIANA'S
Lottery Jackpot= Mega: $105 Million, Powerball: $50 Million.
TEL: 703-337-8856/335-8277

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Irving Wheatley

Irving Wheatley: California Lottery – Jackpot Winner Tells Quite a Story!!         We’ve got to admit, even we were tripped out by the story this jackpot winner told us about his win. Rick Knudsen scored $180 million on a Mega Millions tick...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/qStFmAek7G4?list=UUKsmszfI73NHcmJvKqsBccA

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Jensens BP Odell

Jensens BP Odell: Tuesday's Illinois Lottery Jackpots
Lucky Day Lotto ~ Midday ~ $200k
Mega Millions ~ $105 million

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Marty Hawley

10152430846237831 Marty Hawley: Timeline Photos     Mega Millions 9/29/14 Post Alert: To qualify to win, like our page, share it with your friends, and leave a comment below for a chance. You MUST do all three. If we win, you win. We will split winnings equally after tax and fees. If winnings are less than or equal to $50 they will be spent on a lottery ticket for the next contest. No purchase is necessary to win. This week's like and share contest ends on Tuesday September 30th, 2014 @ 9 P.M. CST.    

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Karen McMeel

Karen McMeel: he Mega Millions Lottery Phishing Scam Email Reads as Follows:

Attn Lucky Winner,
The Team of Mega Millions is Pleased to officially announce you as the Third place prize winner of the Ten Million ($10,000.000.00) prize draw sponsored by Publishing Clearing House. The total amount to be claimed for Fourth place is Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00).

Congratulations! You are one lucky winner.

Mega Millions will make all necessary arrangements for you to receive your prize. Please contact your Prize Claims Agent or representative immediately to avoid delays as you can contact him via e-mail at: (gmorgan734@yahoo.ca) or through telephone listed below.
Your Claims Agent is: George Morgan (+19406031164)
Your Security Code is: H649PC32 As required by US Federal and State laws, your Security code and Prize information must be kept strictly confidential which means that you are precluded from discussing your win with 3rd parties such as (family members, friends and relatives). This is to prevent unlawful tampering and a means to reduce risks of fraud and scams from taking place.
As soon as we verify your identity and Security Code number from you, we will immediately release your total sum through wire transfer into your nominated bank account or as you wish us to remit your fund for you.
Once again, Congratulations from the MEGA MILLIONS team.

Eric D. Burns
Chief Financial Officer
Mega Millions Lottery

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