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Elvin Montero

Elvin Montero:     No raisin of the jollie roger tonight :(
Jamie Komenda Kaylee Ranyak Garrett Gray

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Nicholas Morgart

Nicholas Morgart: The Pittsburgh Pirates. Skill without steroids. I hate you Ryan Braun. :)

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Kelly Brownfield

Kelly Brownfield: Congratulations to Eric Brownfield and Ryan Brownfield! They participated in the Pittsburgh Pirates 5K Run today. Eric placed 13th and Ryan placed 11th in the 15 to 19 age group. So proud of both of you!

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Robert Berl

869715909720502 Robert Berl: Timeline Photos     April 19 2014: Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Ike Davis (15) acquired in a trade with the New York Mets on April 18, 2014 participates in batting practice before the game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania     Jaime Cervo-Mauro there he is in a Pirate Uniform. The Mets loss in a Pirate gain!!!

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Julie Maloy

Julie Maloy: Thankful the Steelers aren't playing tonight. Watching the Pittsburgh Pirates & Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Suzanne Natter

Suzanne Natter: Definition of a perfect day: 6:30AM 6-1/2 mile run with Half/Relay training groups, 8:00AM Pittsburgh Pirates 5K run finishing in 26:22 (4th out of 100 in age group; 164 out of 1,617 women; 661 out of 3,082 runners), 1-1/2 hours work at Elite Runners, 6.5 Mile run with a friend, Starbucks, recipient of two lovely unexpected gifts from two very special people, finished Easter shopping, tacos & margaritas for dinner and Easter Bread rising! Top it off knowing I burned 1,700 calories alone just running...Yes, it was a perfect day!

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Stephanie Lininger

770309056320402 Stephanie Lininger: Timeline Photos     Pittsburgh Pirates Can’t Underestimate The Value Of Russell Martin

Read: http://goo.gl/SM6Qzl    

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Lisa Rua

Lisa Rua: Getting ready to head to the Pittsburgh Pirates game! Going with Bennie, my sis Jennifer Battaglia and brother in law Brian Battaglia!

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James Andrew Jones

James Andrew Jones: Milwaukee Brewers at Pittsburgh Pirates. Milwaukee wins

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Sal Darginsky

750456101661187 Sal Darginsky:         This is Alen Hanson. He is the Pittsburgh Pirates top rated shortstop prospect. I hope he is our player to be named later.

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Godswill Resale

Godswill Resale: The Pittsburgh Pirates win again my boys are AWESOME!!!!

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Bryce Joy

Bryce Joy: Going to my first Pittsburgh pirates games today

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Irnell E-Dubz Jean

Irnell E-Dubz Jean: Mets Trade 1B Ike Davis to Pirates    

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Diana Wolbert Carlson

Diana Wolbert Carlson: Rhonda Towse, need to have a Pittsburgh Pirates game day. Will meet you there.......

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Angie Ross

Angie Ross: The sun is shining and we're heading to the Burgh to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight. It doesn't get much better than this. Let's Go Bucs!

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Joe Marquette

10201862156227792 Joe Marquette:         Pittsburgh Pirates 5k Home Run

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Molly Hauldren Witte

Molly Hauldren Witte: The Witte family completed the Pittsburgh pirates 5k-now on with our day!

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Jimmy Dunn

Jimmy Dunn: Pittsburgh Pirates GM was quoted as saying "My Lord, who exactly is running the Mets? I could have offered them the Easter Bunny and they would have taken it"...
~Hysterically Laughing~

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Pam Jox

Pam Jox: Just finished the Pittsburgh Pirates Charities 5k walk!!

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Vera Brophy Klik Angelo

Vera Brophy Klik Angelo: ’Canes honored, Blundo throws first pitch at Bucs game    

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Brian Reed

Brian Reed: Blog: On the Davis trade    

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Jordan Rogers

Jordan Rogers:     Pittsburgh Pirates Home Run 5k.

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Jeff Wybranowski

Jeff Wybranowski: Pittsburgh Pirates Home Run 5k!

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Matthew Bailey

Matthew Bailey: Pittsburgh Pirates Homerun 5K!!!

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Up and Running

Up and Running: Speaking of Marci, she's running the Pittsburgh Pirates 5K Home Run today... go Marci... BEAST MODE ON!

Happy weekend to you all! :)

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Michael Bernadyn

Michael Bernadyn: Pittsburgh Pirates 5k Home Run!! Brisk morning and ladies&gentlemen we have sunshine w blue skies, yes in Pittsburgh w sunshine n blue skies! #zerolimits #keepgrindin

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Lindsey Lesnett

Lindsey Lesnett: Pittsburgh Pirates 5k Home Run! ⚾️💛 #letsdothis #buccos

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Joni Miller Masley

Joni Miller Masley: Up and ready to head to PNC Park for the Pittsburgh Pirates Charities 5K this morning.

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Jeff Polen

Jeff Polen: Pittsburgh Pirates 5k

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MLB News & Updates

MLB News & Updates: Pittsburgh Pirates acquired first baseman Ike Davis from the New York Mets. The Mets acquired Minor League RHP Zack Thornton & a player to be named later. Davis is hitting .208 (5-24) with one home run & 5 RBI in 12 games this season.

Oakland Athletics & LHP Sean Doolittle agreed to a five year contract extension that runs through the 2018 season. The deal also includes club options for 2019 & 2020. Doolittle has posted a 3.12 ERA in 8 relief appearances this season with the Athletics.

Philadelphia Phillies LHP Cole Hamels will return to the team's rotation next week. Hamels battled shoulder inflammation all through Spring Training & began the season on the 15-day disabled list.

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Timothy J. Conlon

Timothy J. Conlon: Mets trade Ike Davis to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Zack Thornton and a player to be named.

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Michael Perkins

Michael Perkins: Pittsburgh Pirates 5k tomorrow (walking) then some Bucco baseball and fireworks. Going to be a wonderful day! #LetsGoBucs

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NBC New York

NBC New York: Mets Trade 1B Ike Davis to Pirates     Mets trade slumping first baseman Ike Davis to Pittsburgh Pirates http://4.nbcny.com/D1YMJ4J

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Greg Kosakowski

Greg Kosakowski: If I was very old, and I went to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play Montreal, what sport would I be watching?

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Brandy Buchanan

Brandy Buchanan:     Home and cleaning house like a good girl on a Friday night !!!!!!! How many people will faint when they read this ?????? LMAO

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Samantha Grace Lewis

Samantha Grace Lewis: Our Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Atlanta Braves tickets came in the mail today.... Now come on August!!!

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Jennifer Vozel Eshenbaugh

Jennifer Vozel Eshenbaugh: Looking forward to the Pittsburgh pirates 5k tomorrow morning :-) race 4 of this year!

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Beverly Ivill Bowman

10201693364044517 Beverly Ivill Bowman:         Great Night for a Bucs Game

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John PuStink Knight Jr.

John PuStink Knight Jr.: Pittsburgh Pirates acquire 1B Ike Davis from New York Mets     WTF is the Mets doing!!!!!

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Sporting News

Sporting News: Pittsburgh Pirates acquire 1B Ike Davis from New York Mets     Ike Davis has been traded from the New York Mets to the Pittsburgh Pirates for a minor league pitcher and a player to be named later. http://bit.ly/1nuWtEs

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Paul D'Arienzo

Paul D'Arienzo: Ike Davis Traded to Pirates: Latest News, Reaction and Analysis     Sad to see you go Ike -- Hope you refind your Groove in Pittsburgh - You were always good - You will probably make the All Star team now ....Every Year

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John Paul Wolfe

John Paul Wolfe: THIS JUST IN: New York Mets to become harvesting team for Pittsburgh Pirates, effective immediately. All players will be scouted in NY, and upon gaining experience and showing potential, will be traded to Pitt in exchange for playoff hopes.

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Giovanni Marcello Cevallos

Giovanni Marcello Cevallos: The New York Mets trade Ike Davis to the Pittsburgh Pirates for reliever Zack Thornton and a player to be named later. My question is, do you think Ike Davis will have a break out year with a new team similar to what Chris Davis did with the Baltimore Orioles? Ike has proven he has power and is capable of hitting 30 plus home runs, something we did with the Mets playing well only half a season. Will he be the next big superstar and will he bring anything to the Pirates?

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Barbie Thompson


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Marco Gomez

Marco Gomez: MLB TRADE: ny mets trade their first baseman Ike Davis to Pittsburgh pirates for a minor player. Thought I'll share it with you guys. Wish you guys a happy Easter Day this weekend. Drive safe. :)

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Rich Tomanelli

Rich Tomanelli: Mets 1st baseman Ike Davis traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates

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José A. Mendez Jr.

José A. Mendez Jr.: Rubin: Ike reportedly headed for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Don't know for whom yet. Stay tuned!!!

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John Gillis

John Gillis: Calling it right now the Pittsburgh Pirates are winning the world series!

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Sports on Facebook

Sports on Facebook: MLB Trade Alert: Jon Heyman from CBS Sports is reporting that the New York Mets have traded first baseman Ike Davis to the Pittsburgh Pirates. In return, the Mets will get reliever Zack Thornton and a player to be named later:


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Brucie Thomas

Brucie Thomas: As a true wrestling fan, it absolutely thrills me that the Pittsburgh Pirates have taken on the YES movement. It makes me feel bad for you dopes who actually think the Pirates started doing it themselves.

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