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Terry Kok

Terry Kok: OpEdNews Article: Article: A Nightmare Drug Given to the Military and...    

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The Global Truth - Everything Government Is NOT Telling You.

The Global Truth - Everything Government Is NOT Telling You.: The Drug That Can Make You Kill     Lariam (mefloquine) is one of the most widely used malaria drugs in America.

Yet it has been linked to grisly crimes, like Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales' 2012 murder of 16 Afghan civilians, the murders of four wives of Fort Bragg soldiers in 2002 and other extreme violence.

While the FDA beefed up warnings for Lariam last summer, especially about the drug's neurotoxic effects, and users are now given a medication guide and wallet card, Lariam and its generic versions are still the third most prescribed malaria medication. Last year there were 119,000 prescriptions between January and June.

Though Lariam is banned among Air Force pilots, until 2011, Lariam was on the increase in the Navy and Marine Corps.

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